Spaghetti Squash


I’ve seen this vegetable floating around the internet being used as a substitute for pasta and noodles for quite a while and I finally found one at my local Asian grocer. So, given my intense love for pumpkin and squash, I decided to give it a go. It’s a really cool vegetable!  with a mild pumpkin flavour, lovely texture, you can use it i so many dishes. And, its very affordable I might add. These two cuties (that my little kitty is keeping safe) cost less than a dollar each. Its really easy to prepare and the “spaghetti” stands keep their shape nicely enough to hold a decent amount of sauce. They also taste great cold too and work well in a salad. So, how do you cook them?
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Miso Eggplant with Green Chilies


I am a huge fan of Japanese Miso Eggplant. I’ve been lucky enough to try many versions of the dish in Japan during my many visits over the years, so I’m always keen to try and recreate it when I get home. But… I aways struggle to cook the eggplant all the way through using the traditional large Black Beauty variety, so my version uses a smaller variety of eggplant called Ping Tung Long because firstly they look amazing with their vibrant purple colour, they cook so much faster and aren’t as bitter. Plus they cook in half the time which is great for busy people like me! Other long thin varieties of eggplant will work for this cooking method too, such as the Long Purple and the Lady Finger.
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Asparagus Herb Slice


This Asparagus Herb Slice is fresh twist on the traditional zucchini slice. The generous amount of fresh herbs against the sharp feta cheese really creates a lovely flavour, and whilst the asparagus imparts a subtle flavour it makes for a strong visual impact. It’s as easy as chop, mix, bake and will keep win the fridge for up to three days.
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Pancakes (GF)


Pancakes are a staple in our house because they are quick and easy to whip up without making too much mess in the kitchen! I usually top my pancake stacks with fruit, yoghurt and nuts.  Continue reading

Tomato Chutney

Tomato Chutney

Rich Tomato Chut-en-hey! A flavoursome savoury side that tastes great on just about everything
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Beetroot Relish


 Ruby red beetroot and green apple relish. Zingy and sweet, perfect to spread on pretty much anything!
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Vanilla Raspberry Flummery with a pistachio biscuit crumble.


A light and fluffy flummery with a tart raspberry mash and crunchy pistachio crumble toped with fresh raspberries, yeah its delicious.
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Pistachio Cookies


 Old School basic Biscuit recipe with a pistachio twist
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